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  • JAN 13TH - 14TH, 2016



Why you should be here...

Find Your Freedom is a 2-day intensive business building live event focused on how to find your perfect people to fill your courses, coaching programs and any other offers

You will start by working backwards from the revenue you want to generate in 2016. You will calculate
exactly how many people you need to fill your programs to hit your "magic number" and then build the traffic generation plan that will create a steady stream of clients and revenue.

You will walk away with a clear plan for how you will grow your list and fill your courses, programs and any other offers in 2016. 

This is different...

You may have attended events with one speaker after another sharing their theory (and pitching their products). This is not that. This is a guided learning experience walking you through step-by-step how to apply a proven system to grow your community and grow your business. You will walk away with a plan to attract your perfect people to your offers.

3 Big Differences
1. This event is designed specifically for the expert like you wanting to grow a relationship-based tribe of raving fans that work with you over time.

2. This is a guided learning experience with specific steps leading to a clear end result (that will grow your business) vs a buffet of disjointed information or "sell-a-thon."

3.  This is doable. It is designed for the real life of a solopreneur -- even if it's just you or maybe you and a small team, you can implement these systems. 


Inspiration, tactical sessions, promotional partner networking, and more...

  • DAY 1

    Build Your Profit Plan (vs a Business Plan)

    Work backwards from  your "magic number" using the benchmarks provided to determine exactly how many clients and traffic you need to make more profit with less effort.


    Create a 6- or 7-Figure
    Promotional Calendar

    Get a front row seat to see exactly how we create our 7-figure promotional calendar (a full year in advance). Use the template we'll give you to create your own 2016 calendar.


    Audience Targeting: How to Find Your People Online

    How to go beyond the obvious audience targets Facebook provides to find untapped markets that are looking for what you offer.


    Free Traffic:  How to Generate Leads from Free Content

    Use the 6-Step Content Remix(tm) to get free traffic to your offers through promotional partners, bloggers, podcasters and other sources of referral.

  • DAY 2

    How to Grow Your Facebook Page with $5 in Ads a Day

    Build a high-performing Facebook ad that grows your list every single day using the step-by-step guide (plus, we'll show you the real numbers behind a $5 campaign).


    Mari Smith:  Facebook Fast Track to Revenue

    See instant Facebook results – more traffic, more leads and more paying customers using free and paid strategies.


    How to Launch - Live Q&A with a Panel of Experts

    Live QA with best practice sharing on how to launch with a small list, best tech tools, how to market in any niche (including "corporate"), and anything else you want to talk about.


    The "It" Factor

    What is the "it factor" that some experts have that creates massive success? In this session we'll dive deep into our "Launch Your Movement Formula" that will help you share your message in a bigger way. We all have "it" - and it's time to share it with the world.



Find Your Freedom 2016 is Sold Out. Save your spot on the wait list, and we'll let you know if a seat becomes available. 



Build Your Profit Plan. Find Your Perfect People. Fill Your Programs.

  • Regular Event Pricing


    • 2-Days of Action-Packed Implementation Sessions
    • Downloadable tools to take quick action
    • Plenty of New Orleans coffee and organic snacks to keep you fueled
    • Cocktail party on the evening of Day One          
  • Networking + Implementation  Package


    Limited Seating

    • Beautiful, farm-to-table networking lunches on Day One and Day Two
    • Private Facebook Group to Connect with Fellow VIP Colleagues
    • 90-Minute Group "After the Event" Implementation Call with Jeanine
    • 2-Days of Action-Packed Implementation Sessions
    • Downloadable tools to take quick action
    • Plenty of New Orleans coffee and organic snacks to keep you fueled
    • Cocktail party on the evening of Day One

Success Stories

Real Clients, Real Results

  • "I was targeting just 10 folks at $997 each and I got 15 people to register in a week and a half! 
    Until creating this course and attending Jeanine’s live event in New Orleans, I wasn’t even thinking of doing this!
    Rabiah Sutton
  • "I have launched the 4-week Love-on-Top Challenge which helps women to reconnect, rebuild and prioritize their marriages. I had 250 sign up. I’m a first-timer at all of this – started my business while on maternity leave and now chasing a toddler around."
    Chavonne Perotte
  • “Jeanine is an amazing teacher with material that is the best I’ve seen out there and I’ve seen A LOT. She helped me get really clear about my targeting, who my market was and how to reach them in a way that made them want to take my course.
    I urge you to take a serious look at how this can help you go faster."
    Kat Tansey
    Creator of The Compassionate Reboot
  • "I massively reduced the amount of time I work while doubling my previous income. I sold 68 places during my ‘soft’ launch. The confidence this has given me is phenomenal.
    Catherine Trebble
  • "Thank you Jeanine Blackwell for consistently modeling what delivery of high quality, well organized content looks like. I truly hope my tribe feels about my course the way I feel about this one!!! Super excited about this whole process and all of the possibilities for abundance and serving my clients."
    Kelly Sullivan Ruta
  • "I've increased my revenue by 50%. This course, and the research for it helped me to deeply analyze what steps to take to get my business out of the doldrums."
    Rebecca Anscomb


The Southern Hotel

428 E. Boston St

Covington, LA 70433

P: 844-866-1907


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Find Your Freedom 2016 is Sold Out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you have suggestions on how to travel from the New Orleans airport (code: MSY) to Covington?
    Covington is about 45-55 minutes from the New Orleans airport. You can take a taxi or rent a car (we will provide recommendations for companies upon registration). Keep in mind, we will be providing return shuttle service after the event directly to the airport.
  • Will you be livestreaming the event?
    Since this is an event focused on rolling our sleeves up, creating a plan and "getting it done," we are not planning to offer livestream access.
  • Are there other recommended hotels near The Southern Hotel?
    Yes! The Southern Hotel is an intimate, boutique hotel and rooms will sell out quickly. We have also reserved rooms at the Marriott Courtyard hotel at a preferred rate, which is 10 minutes from the event location at the Southern Hotel. We will be providing a shuttle twice a day, free of charge to event participants.
  • What time will the event begin and end?
    The event will be from 9:00am to 5:00pm on each day (January 13th and 14th). The complimentary shuttle to the airport will leave the event venue at approximately 5:15pm on Thursday the 14th (travel time between the event venue and the airport is about 45 minutes). 
  • What is the weather like in January in New Orleans?
    The weather can be unpredictable. Check prior to your departure and pack an umbrella. And, bring a sweater as event rooms can often be chilly.
  • What if I am unable to attend after reserving a ticket?
    As this is a live program with limited seating, we are unable to offer ticket refunds. However, we are happy to reassign your ticket to anyone you designate.
  • I have a question that isn't listed here.
    We would be happy to help! Just send us an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP.