To create a steady stream of clients and revenue in your coaching or consulting business there is one thing you must have...

A doable plan to create content, launch offers, attract new leads and serve amazing clients….ALL at the same time.

As Seen In:

You find yourself staring at the launch date you circled on your calendar wondering what went wrong...

And then you wonder what you are going to do to generate revenue this month…again. You had what you thought was a great product idea three months ago, but you haven’t gotten past outlining what you think it could be, because you’re overwhelmed at the thought of everything you need to do to create it and run your business at the same time.

You know what  you want to create -- the challenge is to figure out how  to make it happen.

You wonder why you are always working so hard and the revenue isn’t showing up fast enough. You feel overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated because you are working harder than ever and the results aren’t showing up.

Every coach and consultant starts out “winging it”.  You know, making it all up on the fly.

The entrepreneurs that make it to 6-, multi-6, and 7-figures move past that phase quickly by creating a plan for consistent creation and promotion of new offers.


As an entrepreneur, the only way to grow your business is to put new offers, products, and programs out into the world. It doesn’t matter what you are creating – whether it is a new online course, a coaching package, a retreat, or a service...

Each offer needs to be created, marketed, and sold – and it has to be done WHILE you are running your business, taking care of your clients, and living your life.

The challenge is:

You can know WHAT you are going to create – WHAT you are going to market, and WHAT you will be selling...but the biggest factor in your success is HOW you plan to do it and how you are going to stack your time to get it done FAST.

Many entrepreneurs get stuck in the start STOP, start STOP cycle - you start working on the big thing you want to create, but you end up starting and stopping because you have to figure out how to make money right now.

You started your business to create an amazing life – to work with your perfect clients, doing the big work you know you are here to do in the world.

The problem is...

After working with thousands of consultants, coaches, and experts, I’ve come to realize that:

Your idea can be great...
Your content can be stellar...
Your audience can be waiting for what you have to offer...

But, if you don't have a repeatable system for how to break your vision and ideas down into a doable plan and bite-sized tasks, it's nearly impossible to get your offer out into the world FAST.

Not having a plan doesn't mean you aren't working hard.

A plan that doesn't work to create the results you want can look like:

Feeling scattered, uncertain, or overwhelmed is normal in the infancy of a business. For your business to grow you need a system to get things done.

If you're feeling anxiety about your business, it stems from not having a concrete plan.

I get it. I’ve grown a 7-figure+ business as a coach and consultant.

Just two years ago I was struggling...

My business was a one-woman show and the only thing I had to sell was my time. My clients were all over the country. Every week I had to get on a plane to consult and teach.

One night, I called home from some middle-of-nowhere Hampton Inn. My daughter cried while we were on the phone, “Mommy, why can’t you just come home and work here?"

I hung up the phone and it was my turn to cry.

SOMETHING had to give because I couldn’t do this anymore. I was exhausted and I felt defeated because somewhere along the way, I had failed to create the freedom that I thought having my own business would deliver.

While waiting for my return flight home, I created a business plan on a cocktail napkin sitting in an airport restaurant. It was a simple plan for how I was going to generate the revenue I needed to start saying “no” to the things I couldn’t do anymore.

Even though I didn’t have a big list, big team, or a big budget, that "business plan on a napkin" delivered $91k of revenue in in my first launch…in 16 days of promoting. 

Less than two years later, and I have created five brand new online products and two new events, hosted ten live events, launched ten programs, and created a multi 7-figure business doing what I love with a team of only two other people.

You might be thinking:
"Wow, that sounds like a lot of work"
"She must have no life."
"That wouldn't work for me - I don't have a team."

The truth is, I have accomplished this with our small team because I take the time to plan everything we do, sequence the work efficiently, and set urgent deadlines -- and all of us have great lives.

I am now able to pick up my kids in the car line every day. I travel (for fun!) when I want to, and I have taken more vacations in the past two years than I ever did before.

We often tell ourselves that growing our businesses is going to take a long time, it’s going to be hard, and it’s going to take a huge team to do it. Not true.

You can grow your business as fast as you believe you can grow it. The key is knowing how to plan for success and create and launch new offers while running your business. 

In the last 2 years, I went from having 150 people on my "list" to having a following of over 30,000 amazing expert entrepreneurs and being named one of the 50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2017 in the Huffington Post. Crazy, right?

I had worked so hard for so long and was so exhausted by it.  When I stopped working so hard and started to work smart, everything I wanted showed up. It feels easy.

If you are in the first year of your business and don’t know where to start...

If you have been struggling for what seems like forever and you are ready to throw in the towel, or you absolutely have to get something out the door to make money fast...

Or, if you're moving on to 6 or 7-figures...

No matter where you are in your business... 

I've created this program for you. It works because this is a system for HOW to make things happen. And, it will work no matter WHAT you are creating. 

You have an idea for what you want your business and life to look like. Here's how to make it happen:

INTRODUCING: Planning for Profits – Your Step-by-Step System to Create Content, Plan Successful Launches, and Fill Your Programs

A virtual, online training experience that will equip you to plan your business and your offers so you can create consistent revenue in your business (and live the life you have imagined).

Over four webinar trainings, downloadable plans and worksheets, tool recommendations, and an optional private Facebook community, we will share the same step-by-step system I use to plan and launch my programs (and to help my multi-7 figure clients plan their programs).

You'll walk away with the tactical know-how and confidence to plan and implement your next offer on time, without overwhelm and stress.

This is the "Behind the Scenes" for How to Plan and Run a    7-Figure Business

It's much easier to grow to six-figures with a plan -- and it's essential if you want to get to seven-figures.

In Planning for Profits, I'll show you the "behind the scenes" of what it's like to create offers, plan promotions, attract traffic, and serve clients in a seven-figure business.




Your Planning for Profits Experience Includes:

Each part of the Planning for Profits virtual, online training experience is designed to equip you to plan your business so you can have the freedom and profit you always imagined.



Plus recordings of the sessions if you aren't able to make it or want to re-watch later.

Power Planning Session #1: The Planning for Profit System – How to Shift Your Thinking to Create the Business AND Life You Imagine

If you are not careful, you can easily end up creating a demanding job versus a business that delivers freedom, purpose and profit.  Coaches and consultants that manage to escape the time-for-hours hustle and build a lucrative business, approach planning their business differently.  

In this module, I’ll share the secret to shifting your mindset into high leverage mode to create the business you imagine filled with flexibility, fun, and freedom.

We will explore:

  • Why most coaches, consultants, and experts are creating a job rather than a business -- and the powerful shift in your thinking that will help you create a profitable business that works for you (even when you’re not working)
  • How to decide what type of offer to create first depending on your goals for your business (and why you should NOT start with a low-priced offer)
  • The “Lego®” system that will create a big shift in your creative approach and will allow you to start creating content and marketing that is reusable for different clients and different products with little to no work on your part
  • The strategy to confidently stop second-guessing all of your ideas and start putting your work out into the world so your people can help you refine it (this one shift will remove the anxiety that holds you back from launching your big ideas out into the world)

You will receive:

The Mindshift Minute #1 -- The most powerful mental trick to ensure your deadlines are met, each and every time

Your 2019 Earnings Planner: How to set earning goals directly linked to monthly tasks

Your Business Plan on a Napkin -- Create your simple, easy-to-execute business plan using my "Lego®" approach to creating and stacking your offers.

"Planning for Profits helped me to clarify my plan as it stood and then to change that plan to one that would work better for me in my specific situation. It actually slowed me down and prevented the "rush-in" effect.

As a result of what I learned in Planning for Profits, 36 People signed up for my marketing lab. One new hybrid course has been launched with 12 attendees. I have increased the average number attendees per launch webinar 700%.

Suzanne Feinberg
Suzanne Feinberg Creator of The Burst Marketing Lab

Power Planning Session #2: Building Your Plan – How to Set Your Revenue Goal and Create a 12-Month Plan to Achieve It

In this session I’ll show you what a year-long content creation and promotional plan looks like and how you can build yours fast. We’ll walk through a real-life example of how you can create an offer and the detailed steps to get from idea to completion, including an example of how you can make money before you’re even done.

We will explore:

  • My five step system that breaks down your BIG life and business goals into doable, bite-sized tasks so you know EXACTLY what to do every morning
  • The 4 Critical priorities you need to focus on to be able to create content, promote and serve existing clients all at the same time...and how to prioritize and sequence them so you aren’t working late nights and weekends.
  • The best digital and analog tools to use to ensure you can see what is coming next and what you should be working on TODAY (and how it fits into the bigger picture of your promotional calendar)
  • The inexpensive wall planning system you can use to keep your plan in front of you every day and stay on track to reach ALL of your goals

You will receive:

Monthly Time-Stacking System:How to consistently keep your offer content, launches, lead generation and client service ahead of deadline

Our Recommended Planning Tools for Every Size Business

The Mindshift Minute #2 -- How to stay focused on THE most important task you should do today (and stop getting sidetracked on what doesn't matter).

The 12-Month "Break it Down" Launch Planning Worksheet (break down your launch in 10 minutes and get started creating!)

Before Planning for Profits, I felt unsure about what to do to become a better business person. My coaching gets great results, but I didn't have context for creating content while also keeping the business and marketing side going. I would finish one of my live online courses and then realize my pipeline was empty and I'd scramble to half-fill my courses.

The honest truth is that just the content in the first two sessions alone helped me so much in getting my calendar of courses planned and realizing that I had a cash priority in my business...and what to do about it.

I have already felt a real and lasting change in how I am holding my business and juggling multiple roles. That's pretty impressive.

James Mayfield Smith
James Mayfield Smith

Power Planning Session #3: Get Clear on Every Step That Needs to Be Accomplished to Implement Your Plan

This is the step 99% of coaches, consultants, and experts miss, and this is why they constantly get stuck in the stop/start cycle of never getting any of their big ideas to the finish line.
We are going to cover the steps involved in the four critical functions that will drive revenue in your business -- creating new content, attracting new traffic, launching and promoting your offers, and serving your clients (while you're creating and launching what's next).

  • A sneak peek into a "day in the life" of our launch team (we will share the secrets, tips, and tricks we've learned over the course of multiple 6 and 7-figure launches)
  • The simple 3 Question Check-in you can do every morning to keep yourself on track and moving towards your finish line.
  • What to do when your plan isn’t working and how to infuse momentum and energy into your work
  • Simple ways to outsource pieces of your plan, which pieces will save you the most time, and where to find inexpensive, highly-skilled virtual support that can save you wasted time

You will receive:

The Cascade Task Planning System: How to break your big goals down and directly link to daily tasks so you stay on track and get the big work to the finish line

The W2W Planning Worksheet (you'll never want to start Monday mornings again without this by your side)

Finding Your Amazing Team Resource Guide -- How to find, interview, and work with a team you feel privileged to lead every day.

Power Planning Session #4 – Create Promotional Content One Time and Create Revenue Forever 

  • How to use a template for creating a new offer (this will save you months of content creation time, and you can start generating sales before you finish the offer)
  • Our 4-part template for creating high-ticket one-on-one or consulting proposals that take 15-minutes or less to complete
  • The fastest approach for getting your content done for your offers and promotions: online courses, coaching packages, events, and more
  • How to create low, medium and high level client offers without creating different content for each level (this is a game changer)

You will receive:

Low-Medium-High Offer Template -- How to create a low, medium, and high-priced offer with the same content.

The 15-Minute Five Figure Proposal Template -- How to create your own template for high-ticket clients that takes you (or your team) 15 minutes to create every single time.

The "Create Your Own Promo" Checklist -- The complete checklist of what you need to promote any offer you decide to launch this coming year. Go from idea to creation quicker so you can get your offers out into the world.

Plus, you'll receive recordings of all Power Planning Sessions and Q&A calls so you can attend any sessions you missed and refer back to them at any time.

iPad Webinar

How The Planning for Profits Experience Works


When the program begins on December 14, you will receive access to the Planning for Profits Pre-Planning Workbook. This Workbook will give you the opportunity to reflect on the past year and start thinking BIG thoughts about your plans for the next year.


On December 14th the program will begin, and you'll get access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share your plans.




On December 14th, you will receive the full calendar which will include the 4 sessions and 2 Q&A sessions. Your Power Planning Sessions begin on on January 7th, 2019. You'll have everything you plan for 2019 and make it your best year ever.

We'll come together live for 2 virtual group Q&A calls so you can get all your questions answered and start implementing your plan.


Downloadable tools, worksheets, and resource guides are available so you can apply what you've learned, create your plan, and build your team.


In the "Get it Done Challenge" you'll have weekly accountability (and surprises!) to hold you accountable to creating your dream and implementing your plan.


More About the Get it Done Challenge

So many of you have told me that you need help with "accountability." I believe lack of accountability is really lack of focus in disguise. To help, I'm creating a fun "Get it Done" Challenge.

Each time you complete one of the Get it Done challenges you'll be entered to win cool prizes. Getting things checked off your list can actually be fun.


"Because of this program, I finished my first course! Something I've been trying to do for two years."

Before Planning for Profits, I felt unsure about when to take specific steps to get my product (course) completed. I felt a lot of overwhelm because although I felt I knew what steps I had to take, I wasn't sure about the order in which I should take them.

Following the Planning for Profits process made me relax because I could finally see a process with a beginning and an end. I knew every day what I was supposed to be doing to achieve my goals.

Because of the program, I finished my first course! Something I've been trying to do for two years. Because of Jeanine's course I was able to complete it in two months while I was still taking care of 1-on-1 customers.

I know I could repeat this process for several other courses I have in mind without becoming overwhelmed.

This program took the stress away so I could actually ENJOY creating something I've been dreaming about doing for years!

Liz Evangelatos
Liz Evangelatos

BONUS: First 50 to Register -- The Coach’s and Consultant’s Power Planning Toolkit

Choose your launch date and use the included done-for-you calendars and checklists to easily plan and launch your next product.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We are in the business of creating experiences that create results. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your business, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days.

No hoops. Just send us an email.

Think About What Your Calendar Looks Like Right Now

Is your calendar empty and your plan for the next year is on 30 sticky notes, 3 notebooks, and 9 pieces of paper scattered all over your office?

Join me in Planning for Profits, and your calendar could look like this.  Each of your big goals will be clearly broken down into detailed tasks so you know exactly what you're doing every day. You'll have the time and space to create the business (and life) you imagine. 

Join Us for Planning for Profits

What would your business and life look like if you were able to get up every morning, take a quick glance at your calendar, and know EXACTLY what you needed to do that day to move your vision forward?

How would your life change if you hit every deadline you set?

Planning for Profits will give you the tools and confidence to plan your offers, create new content, attract new leads, and serve your amazing clients...ALL at the same time.

Choose the option below based on the amount of personal support you would like in creating your plan. The VIP option includes a private review of your plan by me and a VIP-only Q&A call.

Choose your option below:

Planning for Profits
$127.00Six Payments
  • Or One Payment of $597
  • 4 Live Virtual Power Planning Sessions (Plus Recordings)
  • Downloadable tools, worksheets, and launch plans
  • Private Facebook Community
  • 2 Live Q&A Calls to Get All Your Questions Answered
  • The "Get It Done" Challenge - Weekly Accountability to Get Your Plan DONE
Enroll Now
Planning for Profits VIP
$297.00Four Payments
  • Or One Payment of $997
  • 4 Live Virtual Power Planning Sessions (Plus Recordings)
  • Downloadable tools, worksheets, and launch plans
  • Private Facebook community
  • 2 Live Q&A Calls to Get All Your Questions Answered
  • The 'Get it Done' Challenge - Weekly Accountability to Get Your Plan DONE
  • Private Recorded Review of Your Launch Plan (Delivered via Private Video Link)
  • VIP Only Post-Review Q&A Call
Enroll Now

"I've beat my total sales in 2016 by May 17th 2017. YEAH!"

Before Planning for Profits, I felt pressure and overwhelm. I wasn't sure where to start to get the results I needed.

After the program, I've beat my total sales in 2016 by May 17th 2017. YEAH!

I felt I took back control and could achieve what I wanted and needed to achieve. On a webinar I ran for 220 people, instead of offering my usual free sales strategy session I tweaked the title based Jeanine's suggestion. Instead of getting my usual "0" to sign up for this, I got 15. €4000 of immediate business resulted with €18,000 still in conversation.

I was on a deadline to raise €25k in 8 weeks to be able to purchase our new home mortgage free. We signed the contracts this week!!! :). That's the biggest WIN for my family.

Ciara Feely
Ciara Feely Creator of The Conference Converter®

"In just a few hours, I am clear on my message, who I want to work with, and how I am going to earn a 7-figure income this year."

I was blown away by the expertise, content and delivery [in Jeanine's training]. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on mentors and other marketing courses, that resulted in lots of frustration and zero results.

In just a few hours, I am clear on my message, who I want to work with, and how I am going to earn a 7-figure income this year.

The small distinctions I got from Jeanine in her questioning and systematic processes and the support and feedback I received was worth 100x the investment I paid.

Terrianne Palmer-Peacock
Terrianne Palmer-Peacock

More Happy Community Members

Are you ready to build a plan for your best year ever?

Your Planning for Profits experience begins as soon as you complete your registration.

When you register, you'll receive an email confirming your registration. Then, on December 14th, you'll receive an email with your Planning for Profits portal access, private Facebook group access, and your Pre-Planning Workbook.

Our first group live virtual Power Planning Session will be held on January 7th, 2019.

If you have any questions along the way, our Program Manager, Helen Sellers, is here to help you get access to the content and ensure you get the most out of the program.

It's Your Moment,


Meet Helen Sellers, our Program Manager. She's here for you throughout the program, and is just an email away if you have any questions (

"I feel much more confident and have a plan of action, which I desperately needed!"

Before Planning for Profits, I was stressed and unsure about what I should be doing and how to do it. After the program, I feel much more confident and have a plan of action, which I desperately needed!

Take this program early on in your planning process in order to avoid stress and gain focus!

Wendy Livingston
Wendy Livingston CEO of Rebel on the Go

"I now have a firm plan in place and feel more confident in achieving the goals I've set for the year and years to come."

Planning for Profits helped me map out a course of action, determine my financial goals, and set up a calendar for my plan. I now have a firm plan in place and feel more confident in achieving the goals I've set for the year and years to come.

This program is worth your time and money to obtain a clear, focused plan in place to help propel your business forward. The tools, training, and feedback you'll receive is priceless!

This was the 3rd program Jeanine offers that I've participated in. As always, I was not disappointed and always learn something new I can apply to many areas of my business.

Trish Crawford
Trish Crawford

Have a Question About How the Planning for Profits™ Experience Works?

Do I need to have a program or offer created to get the most out of Planning for Profits?

No. I created the Planning for Profits program for any coach, consultant, expert, or entrepreneur at all stages of business. Whether you are just starting out, have created your first program, are on your way to 6-figures (or more), Planning for Profits will give you the tools, strategy, and support you need to plan ANYTHING you want to create.

When will I receive access to the private Facebook forum?

On December 14th, you will receive an email that includes everything you need to know to access the program, including your link to the private Facebook forum where you can connect with other coaches, consultants, and experts.

When are the live sessions?

The first live session is on January 7, 2019. When the learning portal opens on December 14th, you will receive the full calendar which will include the 4 sessions and 2 Q&A sessions.

How long is the program?

The Planning for Profits program starts with your Pre-Planning Workbook, and access to your Learning Portal and Private Facebook group on December 14th. Then, the first Power Session will be on January 7, 2019. Sessions will follow weekly thereafter, with the program's last session on February 18. The program community will remain active through July 2019.

How will I access the tools and session links?

You will receive your login to the learning portal before the program begins on December 14th. This learning portal will include all program materials and the logistics for joining in for the live sessions.

Will the live sessions be recorded and can I access the replay if I can't attend live?

Yes, you can certainly participate in the session recordings if you're not able to join us live (many folks do catch the recordings). You can also send your question via email in advance of a live call and I will answer even if you are not present. You can then get direct feedback on your question via the recording.

How do I ask questions or get feedback on my plan during the program?

You can share your questions in the Facebook Forum or send in via email to be potentially selected for one of our live Q&A calls. For the highest level of direct feedback, take a look at the VIP option, which is designed especially for those who would like personal feedback on their plan.

How can I reach out to you if I have more questions?

Easy! Just email our amazing Program Manager, Helen Sellers, at and she will be happy to help! You can also look the the bottom right of the page where there is a blue "Have a Question" tab. Click there and enter your question in the form, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

Please click here to send our amazing Program Manager, Helen, an email.  You can also email us at

Join Us for Planning for Profits:

Choose your option below:

Planning for Profits
$127.00Six Payments
  • Or One Payment of $597
  • 4 Live Virtual Power Planning Sessions (Plus Recordings)
  • Downloadable tools, worksheets, and launch plans
  • Private Facebook Community
  • 2 Live Q&A Calls to Get All Your Questions Answered
  • The "Get It Done" Challenge - Weekly Accountability to Get Your Plan DONE
Enroll Now
Planning for Profits VIP
$297.00Four Payments
  • Or One Payment of $997
  • 4 Live Virtual Power Planning Sessions (Plus Recordings)
  • Downloadable tools, worksheets, and launch plans
  • Private Facebook community
  • 2 Live Q&A Calls to Get All Your Questions Answered
  • The 'Get it Done' Challenge - Weekly Accountability to Get Your Plan DONE
  • Private Recorded Review of Your Launch Plan (Delivered via Private Video Link)
  • VIP Only Post-Review Q&A Call
Enroll Now

Before Planning for Profits, I felt like I was missing something all the time. Because of the program, I have less stress as I plan the launch of a new product while simultaneously completing a certification and work with clients. Wow! I do all that?! The methodical way to plan moving from broad strokes to the tiny details is efficient and effective.

Rozlyn Warren
Rozlyn Warren CEO of Lean Toward Happy

Thank you for the simple, easy, not overwhelming, little bites of info and implementation! This taught me that I overwhelm people with info and to make it simpler. I loved your format. And, the best thing for me was really looking at the numbers and seeing that it is sooooo doable!! Yay! Thanks again!

Lisa Meisels
Lisa Meisels

After Planning for Profits, I feel more organized, and I discovered a way to think about how to break out my time when delivering a course. There are specific ways that you spend your time as an instructor/entrepreneur/consultant - and when you get involved with marketing the course, that's another piece to consider. It was helpful to have a framework for thinking about what to call that time, and how to organize it.

I really enjoyed having the extra time with Jeanine as part of the VIP experience, and I found her feedback and ideas gave me a boost - so that was high value for me.

Christine Carr
Christine Carr

Wow. I had never planned anything in my life out a year in advance. I would make vision boards every year, in the hope that my dreams & goals would happen. I would have a loose plan but never a specific one.

What Planning for Profits forced me to do was make hard decisions about when I would offer my course, when I would create it, & when I would launch, and how I would do that.

Suddenly it became a reality to me. I saw that it all was possible...whatever I wanted could actually happen, whether my online course or a live retreat. It blew my mind because I could see it. I continue to look up on my wall, see my big calendar of what is happening month to month and then I'm calm, knowing that I'm going to make things happen.

Jo Hatcher
Jo Hatcher
Kim Moore

“[In 6 months, my new online course has]… generated a revenue of over $75,000. I am blown away! I can’t wait to see what happens once I hire my 1st full time employee next month and can start implementing ALL of Jeanine Blackwell’s strategies!”

And, 6 months later:
“I am happy to announce that I have 8 new Certified HSM haircutters, 3 new Junior Educators, A Director of Education, a Technical Director, and a happiness officer!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO”.

Kim Moore Creator of Head Shape Matters, a patented hair-cutting curriculum

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